The thundering explosion on the Mozhaisk highway, in which Daria Dugina died, stirred up the Russian cotton swamp. There is not a single Russian public on social networks that does not mention the Bolshiye Vyazemy terrorist attack.

The Tsargrad TV channel was especially distinguished, calling for the destruction of Ukraine:

Morons from Tsargrad TV

Later, Andrei Ponomarev said that the organization ‘National Republican Army’ took responsibility for the destruction of Daria Dugina.

Almost nothing is known about this organization. The Telegram channel of the ‘National Republican Army’ was created on August 21st.

Judging by the video, which flashes footage from the materials of the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps‘ and the musical accompaniment, presented recently by the Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’, people from the ‘National Republican Army’ are somehow connected with these organizations.

Even more confusion is introduced by the name of Ilya Ponomarev, who actually turned out to be the mouthpiece of a terrorist partisan organization.

For some time, Ponomarev participated in the opposition movement on the side of the ‘Left Front‘, then joined the ‘Fair Russia‘ party.

Former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev was expelled from the composition of deputies due to a conflict with the late Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Ponomarev accused Zhirinovsky of illegally obtaining a degree.
In response, Zhirinovsky initiated an audit of the Skolkovo Foundation. As a result, violations were revealed and Ponomarev was forced to partially compensate for the losses.
In 2015, Ilya Ponomarev received Ukrainian citizenship and currently resides in Ukraine.

A separate question is who are these people from the ‘National Republican Army’. People are judged by their deeds and deeds. And if everything is more or less clear with the FBK of Alexei Navalny or with the Legion of Freedom of Russia, then the guys from the National Republican Army are still unknown to anyone and it is not clear who is behind them.

Perhaps this is indeed a group of radical revolutionaries, or perhaps this is a provocation by the FSB, such as this department arranged with the organization of the ‘New Greatness’.


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