Russian Volunteer Corps

The Russian Volunteer Corps are Russian citizens who fight on the side of Ukraine. This is not the first unit in the Armed Forces of Ukraine consisting of Russians from Russia.

Most of the fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps ended up in Ukraine for various reasons. Some of them lived in Ukraine before the start of the war, some came later.

Unlike the fighters of the Freedom of Russia Legion, the fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps adhere to nationalist and anarchist beliefs.

In an interview with Ukrainian journalist Sergei Peichev, one of the fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps said:

[Our goals and the goals of the Legion of Freedom of Russia] coincide, but we just have different means. We have different outlooks on life. Many of my comrades hold this belief.. Well, [the Legion of Freedom of Russia] cannot be called a toothless structure, but in general we have slightly different views on life, on intermediate goals. It is not for the final goal, but for intermediate goals. And I would like us to act as two separate divisions, not as something in common.

Precisely because people of some kind of liberal convictions probably gathered there, and we were ‘ardent patriots’ in quotation marks of our country even before that, although we now support the Ukrainian state, we don’t forget about our own.


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