Reservists are contracted without their knowledge

In Russia, they began to conclude army contracts in absentia due to an acute shortage of medical and engineering service officers.

From the reserve servicemen who had served their line service, reports began to arrive from the Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod regions that they began to receive strange documents from the military registration and enlistment offices.

In some ‘Extracts from the order of the military commissar on personnel’ it was said that the recipient of the document ‘expressed a desire to enter military service under a contract from the reserve and now he must be considered to have concluded the first contract for a period of three years and be appointed with the assignment of the next military ranks to a military unit .

The papers indicated that the recipient must appear at the place of service on time.

Some recipients came to the military enlistment office and tried to figure out why the contract with the Ministry of Defense was concluded without their knowledge.

However, the staff of the military commissariat, using intimidation and threats, forced the reserve servicemen to sign documents and send them to the active military units.

At least three such cases are already known.

A source in the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed this fact on condition of confidentiality:

There is a shortage of junior officers in the army, especially doctors, sappers, and engineers. Therefore, an unspoken decision was made to eliminate the shortage by calling up reserve officers for a contract. Using the database, they look at who is suitable, send out such an extract from the order, and then put pressure on the reserve officers through the military registration and enlistment office and the military unit to which he is assigned.
Thus, it is planned to call for service for the war in Ukraine 22,000 people.

Lawyers and human rights activists advise not to succumb to the provocations of military commissars, to contact lawyers and the military prosecutor’s office, since such actions are illegal.


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