The KATSAP project is an independent private aggregator of news from Russia and everything related to Russia. We publish socially significant news that is actively discussed in Russian social networks.

We aim at memory. We need to remember what happened, what is happening in Russia. We are the same witness who has been everywhere and remembers everything.

We provide our publications with links to sources of information so that later researchers can confirm our words.

We firmly believe that Russia has a bright future without corruption, fascism and imperialism.

We do not know how to look into the future, but we know that the Internet remembers everything. Every word of yours, every word of ours is a contribution to the Beautiful Russia of the Future.

We know that all those people who now govern Russia will be held accountable for their actions.

And even if this does not happen in the near future, history will put everything in its place.

Свидетель преступлений России