Шарий арестован

Anatoly Shariy is suspected of high treason and a number of other criminal offenses. Shariy lived in Lithuania, but after the refusal of the Lithuanian authorities to grant political asylum, he moved to Spain, where he was detained.

His detention was reported by the SBU:

Pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy, whom the SBU suspects of treason, was detained in Spain

Law enforcement agencies of Spain detained A. Sharia on May 4, 2022. This became possible as a result of a multi-level special operation of Ukrainian law enforcement officers and thanks to the close interaction of the Security Service of Ukraine with the Office of the Prosecutor General, international partners, in particular, the National Police in Spain and the Office of the Attaché of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain in Ukraine.

This detention is another evidence that every traitor to Ukraine will sooner or later receive a well-deserved punishment, it is inevitable.

Anatoliy Shariy is a Ukrainian journalist who conducted a number of anti-corruption investigations in Ukraine. In 2011, he was forced to leave Ukraine and settled in Lithuania.

For several years, Shariy conducted a video blog on Yotube in which he criticized the Ukrainian authorities, spread false rumors, and spoke out against the Russian opposition.

There are well-founded suspicions that Anatoly Shariy worked closely with the Russian special services.


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