Шария ограбили на Bilance

Ukrainian blogger Anatoliy Shariy, known for his sympathy for Russia, said on Twitter that the cryptocurrency exchange Binance transferred data on his wallets and passwords to the Security Service of Ukraine.

In total, according to him, Shariy lost $ 30,000.

The name of Anatoly Sharia is associated with numerous scandals. This guy spread fakes and was caught in this more than once.

Anatoliy Shariy is a citizen of Ukraine. In 2012, he left Ukraine fleeing persecution for numerous journalistic investigations.

Since 2012, Shariy has been running a youtube video blog in which he publishes slanderous videos against the government and officials of Ukraine and the Russian opposition.

Users had reasonable assumptions about anatoly Shariy receiving money from the Kremlin.

In Ukraine, a criminal case has been opened against Anatoly Shariy. He is charged with treason.

In 2021, Lithuania declared Anatoly Sharia persona non grata.
Currently, the blogger lives in his own house in Spain.


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