Егор Просвирин

After the death of the Russian nationalist Yegor Prosvirin, passions around his legacy do not subside.

In memory of Prosvirin, the libertarian edition of SVTV published Prosvirin’s posthumous article by buying it from the editor of the sputnik and pogrom website Eduard Chesnokov.

In response, SVTV and Mikhail Svetov received a huge number of threats and insults from nationalists.

Scandal with Prosvirin's texts

Prosvirin’s mother demanded the removal of the material, threatening legal proceedings.

Scandal with Prosvirin's texts
Scandal with Prosvirin's texts

According to the editor of the site, the money received as a fee was transferred to the account of the relatives of the deceased.

However, Prosvirin’s relatives could not but confirm not to deny this fact.

Mikhail Svetov withdrew the article from publication, which, however, did not make sense, because the article remained in the Google cache.

Scandal with Prosvirin's texts


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