The head of the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine Vitaliy Kim announced that he would pay $ 100 for each exposed fire spotter:

The Russians pay through telegram channels, promising anonymity to our citizens who agree to be fire spotters or gunners for the Russian occupiers. […]

They pay some pennies there 1000 or 1500 hryvnia ($ 50), promise anonymity but we still slowly catch them. Services are working effectively to identify all of these gunners. But the time is such that you need to help.

Which I decided. […] I will pay $100 to anyone who ‘points at the gunner’. To identify the real person who is guiding [вражескую артиллерию].

In the past two weeks, the Russian army has intensified shelling of Ukrainian cities. Mykolaiv and Mykolaiv region are shelled regularly. The missile duel between Russia and Ukraine began after the United States supplied Ukraine with Himars rocket systems, as a result of which Ukraine conducted several successful attacks on the rear parts of the Russian army and destroyed ammunition and equipment depots.


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