the murder of Daria Dugina solved

According to the FSB, the murder of Darya Dugina was committed by members of the special services of Ukraine, whose names were established by the investigation.

According to Russian media, citing the Center for Public Relations of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the explosion of Darya Dugina’s car was committed by two women Natalya Vovk and Sofia Shaban, citizens of Ukraine.

According to the investigation, Vovk and Shaban rented an apartment in the house where Daria Dugina lived and were shadowing the object.

On the day of the terrorist attack, they followed Daria to the Tradition festival in the Moscow region, where they installed an explosive device in the Dugins’ Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car under the driver’s seat in the car park.

The explosive device was detonated remotely when Darya Dugina’s car left the intersection on Mozhayskoye Highway in the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy.

After that, the women fled the crime scene in a Mini Cooper car and crossed the border with Estonia in the Pskov region.

The detail is noted that the number plates on the Mini Cooper car changed three times. When entering Russia, the numbers of the DPR were used (E982XH DPR), while in Russia, the license plates of Kazakhstan (172AJD02) were used, and when leaving Russia for Estonia, the numbers of Ukraine (AH7771IP).

Probably, such detailing of details was needed by the law enforcement agency to make the investigation more believable.

However, this information somewhat contradicts the statement of Ilya Ponomarev, who said that the ‘National Republican Army’ claimed responsibility for the attack.

UPD: Ilya Ponomarev and the ‘National Republican Army’ confirmed the participation of Natalia Vovk and Sofia Shaban in the operation to eliminate the Dugins. The NRA also noted that these women did not directly participate in the action:

Natalya Vovk and Sofia Shaban were safely evacuated outside Russia at the request of our Russian friends, like a number of other people before. They did not directly participate in the action on August 20, 2022 in relation to D. Dugina (Platonova).


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