Требования России к Украине

According to Putin, Ukraine must fulfill a number of conditions for a ceasefire, but they have largely undergone changes after the Ukrainian army inflicted serious damage on Russian troops.

In a telephone conversation with Turkish President Endorgan, Putin voiced the following demands:

  1. Neutrality of Ukraine
  2. Complete refusal to join NATO
  3. Austrian or Swedish model of neutrality with mutual security guarantees
  4. ‘Denazification’ – removing obstacles to the widespread use of the Russian language in Ukraine
  5. Recognition of the DPR and LPR
  6. Recognition of Crimea as the territory of Russia

It is curious that strict requirements for Ukraine were announced in an ultimatum form at the first meeting of the negotiating parties and were rejected by Ukraine.

Thus, “denazification” in addition to the requirement to recognize the Russian language as a second state language meant the abolition of the volunteer battalions “Azov”, “Aidar” and “Donbass”.

These requirements are no longer present.

Also, there is no longer a demand for the appointment of a prime minister loyal to Russia and the demilitarization of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side is considering the first 4 points and there are certain successes in the negotiations on them,

The recognition of the DPR, LPR and Crimea is not acceptable for Ukraine.

Time is now on the side of Ukraine, which is confirmed by military experts, and the longer the Armed Forces of Ukraine can resist the Russian army, the more acceptable russia’s demands will be.

With the most fortunate combination of circumstances, against the background of the rapidly developing crisis of the Russian economy and the lack of resources, Ukraine may demand from Russia the liberation of the occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas.

Based on Unian materials


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