National Republican Army of Russia

This was announced by Ilya Ponomarev in an interview with ‘February Morning‘. Ponomarev read out the manifesto of the ‘National Republican Army’:

We, Russian activists, military and politicians, now partisans and fighters of the National Republican Army, outlaw warmongers, robbers and oppressors of the peoples of Russia!

We declare President Putin a usurper of power and a war criminal who amended the Constitution, unleashed a fratricidal war between the Slavic peoples and sent Russian soldiers to certain and senseless death.

Poverty and coffins for some, palaces for others – the essence of his policy.

We believe that disenfranchised people have the right to rebel against tyrants.Putin will be deposed and destroyed by us!

Our goal is to stop the destruction of Russia and its neighbors, to stop the activities of a handful of Kremlin businessmen who have sucked on the wealth of our people and are committing crimes today inside and outside the country.

We declare officials of the Government of the Russian Federation and regional administrations to be accomplices of the usurper – those who do not resign their powers will be destroyed by us.

We announce businessmen who earn their money on corruption and connections with officials – traitors to the Motherland and accomplices of the usurper. The property of those who do not repent and do not speak publicly against this government and its war, and they themselves will be destroyed by us.

We declare employees of power structures as accomplices of the usurper. Those who do not lay down their arms and take off their shoulder straps will be destroyed by us.

We declare military cargoes and the cargoes of those who earn money in the war and help it financially – legal targets that we will destroy.

We remember the bombings of houses in Russia that brought Putin to power. We know that the regime will not stop at any of the most heinous crimes. And we declare: we carry out actions only against persons of this power. We will not attack civilian objects and civilians, and if Putin’s security forces will make such provocations and attribute the victims to us, do not believe them!

We call on the soldiers of the Russian army to stop shooting at our brothers from other countries – Georgia, Syria and others.

We call on all Russians to join our ranks and raise the white-blue-white flag of the new Russia instead of the tricolor disgraced by Putin’s government.

We call on those who are ready to fight to follow our example and overthrow this inhuman, hypocritical and anti-people regime!

We consider it unacceptable that Russians have begun to be defamed all over the world because of war crimes committed by those who have neither nationality nor fatherland, and who love only money and power.

The world is not an enemy of Russia, and Russia is not an enemy of humanity, and we will prove this by deeds.

We will give protection to all who follow our call.

All who carry out our program up to the change of regime are exempted from liability under the laws of the usurper.

After our victory, we will immediately release all those illegally convicted by the Putin authorities.

We will give freedom to all the peoples inhabiting Russia and build a new society – a society without oligarchs, without corruption, without arbitrariness of officials, without humiliating poverty.

A society in which everyone is rewarded according to their work. Society without wars and violence.

A society in which power will belong to the people, where citizens will choose their own leaders and organize the life of their cities and villages themselves.

A society in which the rulers will not be able to sacrifice human lives for their own greatness, but will think about education, medicine and scientific progress.

A society in which everyone will be proud that he was born on the territory of Russia and will want to live in it!

Long live Free Russia!

Wherever you are – fight like us, fight with us, fight better than us!

Let’s cleanse our Motherland from filth! Victory will be ours!

Keep in touch with us through the Rospartizan telegram channel.

Nothing is known about the ‘National Republican Army’ organization. Either its members are so deeply conspiratorial or this is some kind of provocation.

The ‘Rospartizan’ Telegram channel does not exist, instead there are bots with the possibility of contact, and not one, but two. Perhaps one of these bots was created by the Russian special services.


Any opposition organization must somehow show itself to be at least a distinct representation on the Internet. This is how the Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ operates, this is how the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’ operates.

There are certain fears that the ‘National Republican Army’ is an organization created by the Russian special services to identify those who disagree and support terrorist methods of political struggle.

Ilya Ponomarev is a former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. In 2015, a criminal case was initiated against Ilya Ponomarev in Russia on embezzlement. He was stripped of his parliamentary immunity and fled to Ukraine.


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  1. lexc Reply

    Is this National Republican Army part of so called ROA2?

    • admin Reply

      ROA2 is rather the Legion of Freedom of Russia.
      The methods of the NRA are more like those of the Social Revolutionaries of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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