Terrorist attack Daria Dugina

Alexander Dugin‘s car was blown up in Moscow. At that time, Dugin’s daughter Daria and, according to some sources, an unidentified person were in the car.

Dugin’s car exploded while driving on the Mozhaisk highway near the village of Bolshie Vyazemy. After the explosion, the car caught fire, the girl died on the spot. Alexander Dugin himself was not in the car.

Presumably Daria Dugina was returning from the ‘Tradition’ festival, which is held annually in the Moscow region. Alexander Dugin, who was present at the festival, was supposed to drive in this car, but for some reason he chose another car.

Alexander Dugin is considered a theorist of Russian fascism, one of the ideologists of the Kremlin.

Dugin repeatedly made chauvinistic statements about Ukraine. In 2014, Dugin was fired from his post as head of the Department of Sociology at Moscow State University. Dugin took an extremely aggressive position on the Ukrainian issue.


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