Assassination attempt on Putin

The secret services of Ukraine were preparing an assassination attempt on Putin with the help of a kamikaze drone that recently crashed in the Moscow region.

According to the German publication Bild, citing Ukrainian activist Yuriy Romanenko, the UJ-22 Airborne drone, filled with 17 kg of C4 explosive, found in the east of the Moscow region, was intended to personally defeat Vladimir Putin, who was supposed to visit the Rudnevo Industrial Park that day.

However, the drone ran out of fuel and crashed near the village. Vorovsky 30 km from the target. Shortly after this event, Vladimir Putin changed his schedule of meetings.

Assassination attempt on Putin

The Ukrainian-made UJ-22 Airborne UAV is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 1,600 km, but the controllability from a ground station for this drone is limited to 100 km. Thus, the Ukrainian kamikaze drone was supposed to deliver explosives to the target offline.

This appears to be a somewhat dubious undertaking given that the drone’s route lay within air defense range of several military districts.

In addition, the drone approached the target from the east, and not from the west, i.e. The UAV circled Moscow from the north or from the south.


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