Умер Жириновский

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, known for his outrageous behavior, died from complications caused by Covid 19.

Politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky was hospitalized on February 9 with a diagnosis of ‘Coronavirus infection’. It was reported that Zhirinovsky affected from 50 to 70% of the lungs.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is known for numerous scandals, outrageous behavior and a tendency to communicate with young men.

Zhirinovsky with boys
Zhirinovsky in the pool with boys

The LDPR party, founded by Zhirinovsky in the late 80s during Gorbachev’s perestroika, has close ties with the FSB. According to former LDPR members who were at the beginning of the formation of the party, the LDPR was created with the help of the KGB of the USSR in order to resist the Communists.

In fact, the LDPR is a pro-government party that always supports anti-people decisions.


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