In Russia there are tendencies leading to civil war

The totality of events taking place in Russia is alarming. The weakening of the central government can lead to irreversible consequences.

Angry Patriots Club

The other day, the ‘Officers Assembly of Russia‘ put forward its candidacy for the presidency of Russia in the upcoming elections. This man was a retired marine captain Ivan Ostrakovsky, (in the photo he is in the center) the son of Major General Alexander Ostrakovsky.

Ostrakovsky had already put forward his candidacy as a candidate for the presidency of Russia in 2018 but was not even registered.

Ostrakovsky does not yet have a presidential program, but a number of theses were consecrated in a recent statement from the ‘Officers Assembly’:

  • Lustration of all persons involved in the collapse of the USSR since 1993
  • ‘Financial degreasing of the oligarchs’
  • Cancellation of pension reform
  • Program ‘one-story Russia’
  • Development of production, agriculture, medicine and education
  • Complete severance of relations with ‘unfriendly countries’
  • Prohibition of circulation of foreign currency on the territory of Russia
  • ‘Negative migration policy’, complete ban on labor migration from Central Asian countries
  • Renaming the President to ‘Supreme Ruler’, and the Constitution to ‘Russian Truth’

As we can see, there is the formation of a military junta, still nominal, but with far-reaching ambitious reactionary plans.

The ‘Club of Angry Patriots’ includes such odious personalities as Igor Strelkov (Girkin) and Vladimir Kvachkov, accused in 2005 of attempting to assassinate Anatoly Chubais, then head of the state corporation RAO UES. In Russian liberal circles, these people are called ‘ultra-fascists’ for their unacceptable cannibalistic imperial views.

PMCs breed like rats

Before the war with Ukraine and after the outbreak of hostilities in Russia, several private military companies were created, which have already begun to compete with the infamous Wagner PMC:

*In Russia, there are problems with branding, as in the case of PMC ‘Shield’. We translated the word “shield”, but in Russian it sounds like CHVK ‘Shit’.

All these military formations have different subordination, the real owners of these PMCs can be anyone, from the current generals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to private businessmen and state corporations, such as PMC Potok.

Having different subordination, paramilitary groups can come into conflict both with each other and with the regular troops of the Russian army, and in the event of a weakening of the central government, this conflict is inevitable.

By adding regional battalions to the model proposed for consideration, we will get a very dangerous situation when, in the event of a conflict, everyone fights against everyone.

History spiral

The historical parallels are quite clear: a similar situation developed in Russia after the Bolshevik coup in 1917, when various military groups tried to seize power in the country. These groups entered into temporary alliances, such as the Bolsheviks with the anarchist army of Makhno and the Social Revolutionaries, which soon disintegrated and the groups continued the internecine struggle.

Gloomy forecasts

In the current situation in Russia, an extremely dangerous situation has been created. With the consent of the Putin authorities, a large number of paramilitary groups have been created that do not have a centralized command. In the event of a military defeat of Russia, which will certainly happen with the current alignment of forces, the country may be engulfed in a civil war and a subsequent military dictatorship.


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