Partisan movement intensifies in Russia

Fighting is taking place on the territory of Russia, civilians are being evacuated from the border areas, and every day something explodes and burns.

Today, shelling of the border town of Shebekino continues from early morning, fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps, together with the Legion “Freedom of Russia”, conduct a sabotage attack on the territory of Russia with the support of artillery, MLRS and tanks.

The administration of the Belgorod region announced the evacuation of the city of Shebekino, but transport for the evacuation was not provided. Residents are advised to evacuate on their own.

At the same time, the fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Legion “Freedom of Russia” urged residents to take shelter in order to avoid civilian casualties.

Every day in Russia there are sabotage on the railway, undermining the railway track, arson of relay cabinets.

Every day in Russia, someone tries to burn down the building of the Military Commissariat, every day kamikaze drones attack Russian territory.

Cases of the transition to the rebels of the military personnel of the Russian army have already been recorded.

This is clearly not the kind of war that Putin was preparing for.


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