Кадыров потребовал ПВО для защиты Чечни

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, demanded that Russia provide air defense systems for the Chechen Republic.

The distance from Grozny to Kiev is 1700 km. From whom is Kadyrov going to defend himself? Here’s what he wrote in his Telegram channel:

In modern conditions, Russia needs new strategic military solutions. In this regard, there are many changes to be made, but first of all, I believe that in the mountains of the Chechen Republic, on the southern borders of Russia, air defense systems are more in demand than ever. The base can be placed on the site of a tank unit in the Shali district. Anything can be expected from the enemy at any time, so we need proactive tactical measures.

Having started a war with Ukraine, Putin launched the process of disintegration of Russia and this was seen by the leaders of the federal districts of Russia, including Ramzan Kadyrov. This conclusion is reached by Yulia Latynina in her publication in Novaya Gazeta:

In fact, I see only one real way to use this air defense: protection from Russian missiles and aircraft during the civil war that could follow the collapse of the Ukrainian adventure and the defeat of Putin.

Military expert Ivan Zhdanov spoke similarly on this issue:

Or maybe he is already going to secede and therefore he needs a separate air defense system, so that later Russian aviation does not start bombing Grozny again, as it was during the first and second Chechen campaigns. Therefore, a rather interesting statement and rather incomprehensible.

Ramzan Kadyrov only pretends to be a simpleton and soldaphone, in fact he is a cunning and treacherous leader of a country that has been at war with Russia for 6 years.


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