Фейк об украинских дронах

RIA Novosti published an article about the allegedly found in Ukraine 10 military drones capable of spraying the “recipe”:

Ten drones equipped with tanks with a volume of 30 liters and equipment for spraying recipes were found in the area of the village of Kakhovka.

What kind of “recipes” the Russian publishing house did not specify. Probably, Ukrainian national battalions were supposed to spray haloperidol on the heads of Russians exhausted by propaganda.

Similar agricultural drones are used to treat fields and are freely sold in China and other countries.

Agricultural drone
Agricultural drone

Ukrainians in social networks mock the hapless editors of RIA Novosti:

Neanderthals saw an agricultural drone. Yes, we live in the 21st century.

Earlier, the Russian media massively published articles about the secret development of biological weapons in Ukraine under the leadership of the US military. The publication about fake drones for biological weapons in Ukraine, according to the editors of RIA Novosti, was supposed to confirm the idea promoted by the propaganda machine.

But it turned out, as always, the opposite.


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