Самоубийство генералов

On June 15, under strange circumstances, General of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Lev Sotskov committed suicide .

Being retired, 90-year-old Lev Sotskov was engaged in historical and archival affairs, published several books on the activities of the SVR.

The general shot himself with a TT pistol. He left a suicide note in which he explained the origin of the gun.

Another mysterious suicide of the general occurred recently. On July 20, the wife of retired General Yevgeny Lobachev reported her husband missing. The body of retired General Lobachev was found in the stairwell in a house on Kachalinskaya Street. A TT pistol was lying nearby.

It remains a mystery whether there is a correlation between these strange suicides, as in the case of suicides of top managers of large Russian companies shortly after the outbreak of war with Ukraine.

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