Navalny demanded a kangaroo

Russian politician Alexei Navalny, who is serving a prison term on trumped-up charges, does not lose his sense of humor and trolls the prison administration.

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has been in prison for 2 years now. Soon there will be a new trial in which Navalny is accused of creating an extremist community.

However, the politician does not lose his sense of humor even being in the torture conditions of a Russian prison. He writes statements with various requests within the framework of the law, but these requests are always denied.

So Navalny, in one statement, asked for permission to receive 2 packs of shag, a balalaika and a bottle of mash. In another, he asks for nunchucks and a striptease pole, as well as a kimono and a black belt.

Navalny asked to provide his cellmate with a megaphone, and to assign the 10th dan in karate, and to provide the head of the detachment with a massage chair.

The administration of the prison refused to get acquainted with the nicknames of service dogs. Navalny was also banned from keeping Maybugs and kangaroos in his cell.

On June 4, Navalny turns 46 years old. On this day, the Anti-Corruption Foundation announced a rally in defense of Navalny in all cities of Russia. The main demand is to immediately release Alexei Navalny from prison.


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