Ukrainian tanks have been spotted in the Belgorod region, and a shooting battle is taking place on the border of the Kursk region.

As reported on social networks, tanks flying the flag of the “Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’” were spotted in the vicinity of the village of Gorkovsky in the Belgorod region, and a shootout broke out in the area of the village of Tetkino in the Kursk region on the border with Ukraine.

At the same time, the leader of the “Legion ‘Freedom of Russia'”, Maximilian Andronnikov, call sign “Caesar,” stated that the Legion entered Russian territory with the aim of liberation from the Putin regime.

The Ukrainian side states that the Russian Freedom Legion and the Siberian Battalion operate as separate units.

Whether these attacks are an offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces across Russian territory or one of the raids of Russian collaborators will be shown in the next few days.


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