There are about 1,000 people in the bomb shelters of the Azovstal plant, mainly fighters of the Azov battalion and marines of the 36th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Among them there are civilians, women, children and the elderly.

20 people were evacuated from the territory of the plant. This was stated by the deputy commander of the regiment “Azov” Svyatoslav Palamar.

Civilians had to be pulled out from under the rubble with cables. Svyatoslav Palamar expressed hope that all of them will be evacuated to Zaporozhye to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

However, his hopes were dashed. The evacuees were taken to the village of Bezymiannoye, which is controlled by Russian troops. In the future, they will be placed in a filtration camp.

Palamar also noted that there was no question of evacuating the wounded fighters.

The evacuation was carried out thanks to the efforts of the UN, whose representatives managed to conclude a deal with Putin on the evacuation and the opening of a humanitarian corridor.


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