Охота на мужчин в ДНР

The military commandant’s office of the DPR catches all men of military age and sends them to mobilization points.

Even disabled people and those who, for medical reasons, cannot serve in the troops, are called up for service.

Men of military age are trying to escape, but the borders of the DPR are blocked, there are only 3 checkpoints on the border with Russia.

Armed patrols of the military commandant’s office walk around Donetsk and other cities, check the documents of men and take them to conscription stations.

At the same time, the attitude towards conscripts is frankly bestial. They are not given dry rations for several days, and they sleep in the forest or indoors on the bare floor.

A special public Vkontakte and a channel in Telegram are created, where messages about patrols of the military commandant’s office are published.



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