Legion Freedom of Russia attacked the Belgorod region

SRG of fighters of the Freedom of Russia Legion attacked the Kozinka border outpost and is moving towards Grayvoron. At least one Russian border guard has been killed.

This was stated by the legionnaires themselves in their Telegram channel. Legionnaires urged local residents not to be afraid and to provide assistance. A white-blue-white flag is hung over one of the bridges, which is used by the Russian opposition.

Flag of the Russian opposition in the Belgorod region

Later, the Russian Volunteer Corps announced participation in the sabotage raid.

It is not yet clear whether this action is part of a large counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or is it another raid on Russian territory as a distraction.

The SRG entered the territory of Russia on 2 HMMWVs and one pickup truck. Belgorod public reports that both HMMWVs were destroyed, and the SRG was blocked in the village of Gora-Podol, which is located 50 km from Belgorod.

At the same time, the Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine stated that an operation was underway as part of the creation of a security zone to protect Ukrainian citizens.

The Russian army is fighting with the SRG using aircraft.

Helicopter over Rakitny. Belgorod region.


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