Поймали Медведчука

People’s Deputy from the party “OPzZh” and concurrently a relative of Putin Viktor Medvedchuk, who escaped from house arrest, was detained during a special operation of the SBU.

Medvedchuk in handcuffs

Viktor Medvedchuk has been under house arrest since May 2021 on suspicion of treason. The Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine initiated a criminal case on the fact of corruption schemes involving Medvedchuk for the purchase of coal in circumvention of sanctions in the DPR and LPR.

Just before the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, Medvedchuk’s wife Oksana Marchenko left Ukraine and on February 24 already showed a video on Yotube shot in Moscow with Russian singer Nikolai Baskov.

On February 27, Viktor Medvedchuk escaped from house arrest and until yesterday his whereabouts were unknown.

During the first round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine on the ceasefire, the names of the deputies of the OpzJ Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk were mentioned as possible successors of power in Ukraine.

The SBU explained that the operation to detain Medvedchuk was authorized by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.


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