Манекен Валера

The border service of Belarus complained about provocations by Ukrainian border guards.

The border guards of the outpost of the ‘Glushkovichi’ outpost in the Lelchitsky district of the Gomel region of the Republic of Belarus spoke about an increase in the number of ‘provocations’ from their Ukrainian colleagues.

According to the Belarusian border guards, their Ukrainian colleagues are damaging the infrastructure, demonstrating aggressive gestures, including with weapons, writing offensive inscriptions on road signs, scattering leaflets with appeals and audio recordings of a political nature.

Recently, the Ukrainian border service showed a specific black humor. Ukrainian border guards hung up a mannequin in the form of a Russian army soldier and said that it was a soldier who died near Kiev.

They also said that the mannequin’s name is ‘Valera’. (*)

* The Russian names “Valera” and “Oleg” are associated with an extreme degree of stupidity and ignorance.

A year ago, the Russian army used the territory of Belarus to launch an invasion of Ukraine. Now there are at least 17,000 Russian military on the territory of Belarus.

Belarus provides Russia with military bases, airfields and places for deployment of troops.

Ukraine is under the constant threat of a new offensive by the Russian army from the territory of Belarus.

Powerful fortifications have been created on the border of Ukraine and Belarus, several lines of defense have been equipped, and mining has been carried out.

Relations between Ukraine and Belarus cannot be called friendly. In a recent speech, Belarusian President Lukashenko called Ukrainian President Zelensky a nit.


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