Mausoleum of Lenin

A 28-year-old man tried to enter Lenin’s mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow, but was detained by security.

He explained that he wanted to get into the mausoleum so that ‘The Red Dictator would forgive him his sins’. The man was arrested and taken to the police station. There he behaved inappropriately and was sent to a psychiatric clinic.

The body of Vladimir Lenin has been kept in the mausoleum since 1924, and so far no one knows what to do with it. On the one hand, it is a symbol of the totalitarian system, and on the other hand, Lenin’s mausoleum has its admirers, staunch communists.

Lenin is rotten

From a scientific point of view, the body of Lenin is of no interest, besides, it costs the Moscow budget a round sum to maintain the condition of the body and the maintenance of the mausoleum building.

The fact is that the embalming of Lenin’s body took place a few days after his death and, in simple terms, Lenin was a little rotten.

However, Soviet scientists were able to preserve and embalm the flesh of the deceased leader of the world proletariat.


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