Денисова сообщила о создании концлагерей для российских военнопленных

The Penitentiary Service of Ukraine will transfer to the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine empty camps of criminals for Russian prisoners of war.

Since crime in Ukraine has been steadily decreasing in recent years, several empty colonies have been under the jurisdiction of the UISU, which will be transferred to the military for the organization of concentration camps for Russian prisoners of war.

This was reported by Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova in an interview with Radio Ukraine:

Work in this direction is underway. Indeed, there is such a position and goal to create a separate camp. We have enough non-functioning colonies in which there are no detained persons. Some can be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and make such a camp there.

As reported by the Ukrainian media publication on March 19, 562 Russian prisoners of war were captured and their number is increasing.


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