Contract service St Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, registered units of contract soldiers recruited, including from psychiatric clinics and shelters for the homeless, are being created.

Advertising materials for recruitment under the contract were delivered to the St. Petersburg organization Nochlezhka, which helps homeless people. It is reported that this is an initiative of local officials. Probably things with the recruitment of contractors are so bad that the Russian authorities are ready to take on the service of the homeless.

Homeless people are hired for contract service

Distinguished zeal and psychiatrists. An invitation for contract service in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces as part of the Krondshadt, Neva and Pavlovsk units is posted on the website of the psychoneurological dispensary No. 2 in St. Petersburg.

Recruitment under a contract in a mental hospital
Recruitment under a contract in a mental hospital

There is already experience in recruiting prisoners into the ranks of the RF Armed Forces, homeless people and psychos are used.


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