Жулики Тинькофф Банка

After Oleg Tinkov’s sale of Tinkoff Bank, social media users began to complain about the huge interest rates for transfers.

In the event that the transfer to a Russian client of Tinkoff Bank is sent from abroad, the bank charges a commission of $ 200 or at least 3% of the amount. Thus, in the case of a transfer of $ 200, the entire amount will go to the commission of Tinkoff Bank.

Moreover, even if the client cancels the transfer from the transaction, the commission will still be withheld, all the same $ 200 or 3% of the amount.

If you want to thank Tinkoff Bank you can send $ 200 to any client of this bank, the client will still not receive this money.

Social media is outraged by the greed of Tinkoff Bank.

Screenshot of a conversation with Tinkoff Bank support

UPD: As it turned out, the so-called ‘commission for SWIFT transfers’ is not a commission, but a vulgar theft of money from Tinkoff Bank customers. The commission was not transferred to the counterparties of Tinkoff Bank, but went directly to the bank’s own accounts. This follows from the statement of Tinkoff Bank on Twitter:

Screenshot saved

Tinkoff Bank is going to send all the funds collected in this way to charity, about which it notified its customers.

However, the clients of Tinkoff Bank forgot to ask whether they want to participate in the bank’s charity program.


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