Sale of mortar mines NATO 120 mm

In social networks, screenshots of the correspondence of some military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who offer buyers mortar mines from a 120 mm mortar made in the USA have appeared.

The stuffing appeared simultaneously in several pro-Russian publics. Information about the sale of mortar mines was published by the Anna-News channel and Russian military expert Andrei Marochko.

At the same time, the Ukrainian publication, citing the NSDC, denied this information.

It follows from the correspondence that a certain serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine offered for sale on the Darknet 120 mm mortar mines of the NATO sample in quantities from 20 to 1000 pieces at a price of $500 per piece.

A certain unidentified soldier of the military unit A1225 presented evidence that he really had mines.

The transfer of goods was to take place in the area of the village of Strelechie, Kharkiv region, near the border with Russia. Half of the transaction amount was to be transferred through the service department of the .onion site on the Dark Web, and the other half, as follows from the correspondence, the buyer had to pay on the spot.

However, the authenticity of the evidence presented by Russian propaganda is questionable. In any case, the military command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should deal with the incident.


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