In a published video of the detention of alleged neo-Nazi murderers, provided by the FSB of the Russian Federation, users found many inconsistencies that suggest that the murder of Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov is nothing more than a poorly played performance.

Users drew attention to a number of fragments that allow us to say that the video is just a dramatization:

  • ‘Suspect’ immediately after a loud knock opened the door to the apartment
  • Plastic bottles with wicks that are supposed to depict ‘Molotov cocktails’ are on display
  • ‘The suspect’ eagerly talks about the fact that terrorist attacks on cars with Z-symbols were prepared from January 2022, although the “special operation in Ukraine” began on February 24

The FSB reported that neo-Nazi literature, 6 pistols, a hunting rifle clip, Molotov cocktails, a RGD-5 grenade and 1,000 rounds of ammunition were found in the possession of the alleged killers.

In addition, the video shows Nazi paraphernalia, swastikas, portraits of Hitler mixed with the coats of arms of Ukraine and, as stated in the FSB, fake Ukrainian passports.

Dmitry Gudkov:

– An assassination attempt was being prepared on Solovyov! Grenade, cut, a thousand rounds of ammunition, fake Ukrainian passports!
– And drugs, yeah.
– Yes, the FSB also writes about drugs.
– Damn. And the secret materials of the CIA?
– Well, they say it helped.

Gennady Gudkov may refer to:

The “terrorists” who allegedly decided to “soak” Vladimir Rudolfovich Pomet have a Molotov cocktail in plastic (???!) bottles. Apparently, it was recommended by the FSB film crew: so that none accidentally crashed during the “detention”. Or else a fire will break out, and the FSB did not subscribe to this…

Mark Feigin may refer to:

There is another example when they [Russia] hang all the dogs on the SBU.
Nightingale, yes. Only I did not understand whether they wanted to rape him or kill him.

Much has been learned about the group itself, which calls itself the ‘Nacional Socialist/White Power’ – NS/WP. A similar abbreviation was used by ‘Academic Maniacs‘.

The group maintained several websites (archived copy), (archived copy) and a telegram channel. On the links from this telegram channel you can find many videos with violence and arson of neo-Nazi groups NS / WP, “Sputnik and Pogrom”, Sparrows Crew, MCU and others.


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