Российские войска выбиты с острова Змеиный

As a result of massive artillery and missile fire, Russian troops left the occupied Ukrainian island of Zmeiny. This is confirmed by satellite images.

It is reported that the shelling was carried out from a 155-mm howitzer “Bogdana”.

Ukrainian howitzer Bogdana

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny commented on this event:

Unable to withstand the fire of our artillery, missile and air strikes, the occupiers left the island of Snake.

I thank the defenders of Odesa region, who took maximum measures to liberate a strategically important section of our territory. A low bow to the designers and manufacturers of the Ukrainian self-propelled howitzer “Bogdana”, which played an important role in the liberation of the island.

At the same time, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov, said that Russian troops left the island of Zmeiny as a “step of goodwill”:

On 30 June, as a step of goodwill, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation completed their tasks on Zmeiny Island and withdrew the garrison there.

Zmeiny Island became known all over the world thanks to the steadfastness and courage of Ukrainian border guards, who uttered the very famous phrase “Russian warship go to the f**k” in response to the offer to surrender from the cruiser “Moskva”, which, in an evil irony, was hit by Ukrainian missiles “Neptune” and sank. The phrase of the Ukrainian border guard turned out to be prophetic.


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