Igor Girkin Strelkov with his wife Miroslava Reginskaya

The former Minister of Defense of the DPR, Igor Strelkov (Girkin), did not get in touch for some time, and his wife published a post on Telegram in which she hints that her husband is fighting in Ukraine.

Girkin’s wife Miroslava Reginskaya said:

“To the questions – “Where is Igor Ivanovich?”, “Is he all right?” “Where did you disappear to?” etc. – I answer: “Everything is fine! Will be in touch soon.”

Igor Strelkov already tried to get to the front, but was detained in the Crimea by Russian border guards.

Ukrainian insiders report that Strelkov occupies one of the command positions at the division headquarters *.

*information requires additional verification

Igor Strelkov (Girkin) has been put on the international wanted list in connection with the incident with the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17, which was shot down over the territory of the DPR.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has announced a $100,000 bounty on Strelkov’s head.


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