In Moscow began raids on men of military age

This morning, near the entrances to the metro station in Moscow, police officers stopped men and handed them summons to mobilize for military service.

The military commissar of Moscow, Maxim Loktev, made a statement in this regard:

No subpoenas are served by the military commissariats of the city or police officers, and everything that got on the video and photo is search activities related to the constant operational-search activity to catch criminals.

However, in the video, we see a police officer handing a summons to a man.

State Duma Deputy Andrey Klishas, after the news about the raids, called for a legal assessment of the actions of police officers and military registration and enlistment offices, emphasizing that such events are not legal.

We should probably expect even tougher measures from the Russian authorities since the mobilization plan is failing. Citizens of military age are leaving the country en masse, over the past few days at least 400,000 people have left Russia.

Of course, there are no such raids as in the DPR, where a real hunt for men is organized in Russia yet, but given that mobilization should cover 1,200,000, this should be expected in the near future.

Moscow, Russia.


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