Консервы из трупов

Since Russia does not take the corpses of its dead fighters in Ukraine, they found a way to dispose of Russian corpses into a protein mass. Experimental batches of canned corpses are already being supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Although at first glance it looks like cannibalism, in fact, modern technologies allow you to get a pure protein from almost any protein mass.
It can be a protein mass from insects, animals or even from the corpses of people.

But the technology is somewhat more complicated. Since corpses can be infected with various diseases, first the cadaveric mass is converted into flour, which is a nutrient medium for insects, which, in turn, are processed by industrial synthesis from protein mass.

Hexamerine is almost a pure protein that is added to canned food.

The first line for the production of canned food with the addition of hexamerine from the Dutch company Protifarm has already been launched at the Bila Tserkva Cannery.

BKZ Director Anatoliy Kryat said in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Obozrevatel:

As for biomass for feeding insects, it can be anything. At the moment, we have processed protein flour from the corpses of the Russian military. Naturally, the biomaterial undergoes a full cycle of sterilization.

The plant has prepared a line of canned food for the army. These are canned food “Pskov paratrooper” with the addition of chicken meat and “Kadyrov’s fighters” with the addition of pork.

We also prepare for the release of canned food according to the American recipe “Putin in his own juice” from turkey and hexamerine.

The first batches of these canned food have already arrived at the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Canned Pskov paratroopers

Attention! The information was obtained from a source that is not reliable and requires additional verification.


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