Юлия Паевская и пропаганда

On June 17, Volodymyr Zelenskyy made an official statement about the release from Russian captivity of volunteer and paramedic Yulia Paevskaya, but Russian propaganda accused Zelensky of lying.

Yulia Paevskaya, call sign ‘Taira’, was detained by Russian troops on March 16 this year in Mariupol in retaliation for giving the Associated Press a video about the actions of the Russian army in the city.

On June 17, there was an exchange of prisoners as a result of which Yulia Paevskaya was in her homeland and gave the first interview.

At the same time, Russian propagandists were quick to declare that Zelensky was lying about the release of Taira. Here is what irina Kuksenkova, a correspondent of the First Channel of Russian TV, wrote in her Telegram channel:

Interesting situation, huh? My sources are as reliable as the Kalashnikov assault rifle, common knowledge. fact. There were no exchanges [POWs] during the week, this is also a fact. Tyra sits [in prison] as she sat. But Zelensky says to the whole world that she was “released.” I have one version: a) European colleagues brought Zelensky a batch of fenced coke.

But either Kuksenkova’s sources were not so reliable, or the cocaine was delivered to the wrong address, but Yulia Paevskaya was indeed released.

However, following Kuksenkova, her words about Zelensky’s lies about the release of Taira were repeated by other propagandists, which added piquancy to the situation and once again confirmed the fact that the Russian media cannot help but lie and at the same time will definitely expose themselves.

The same Kuksenkova later reported, apparently referring to her “reliable as a Kalashnikov assault rifle” sources, that the exchange of prisoners still took place. And not just took place, but took place with a large surcharge in favor of Ukraine.

The permanent representative of Chechnya in the Crimea, Isa Khachukayev, exchanged the son of his assistant Murad Saidov, Gritsenko Adam Muradovich, for Yulia Paevskaya “Taira” with an additional payment of 25,000,000 rubles ($ 434783).

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, spoke about the “abduction” of Adam Gritsenko in early March. Chechens do not abandon their own, especially for the money of Russian taxpayers.

This was followed by the howling and moaning of the Russian media about “corrupt schemes for the exchange of prisoners.”

Everything would be fine, but money, as you know, loves silence. This scandal would not have come to light if Russian propagandists had not tried to accuse Volodymyr Zelensky of lying.

Julia Paevskaya ‘Taira’. Background

Julia Paevskaya is a designer by profession. She supported the Revolution of Dignity “Maidan” in Ukraine in 2014, where she provided assistance to the victims. She received the profession of a paramedic, from 2018 to 2020 she signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He heads the aikido federation ‘Mutokukai-Ukraine’.
In 2020, she resigned from the Armed Forces of Ukraine but remained as a volunteer and organized a volunteer movement “Tyra’s Angels” that helped wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Russian media call Yulia Paevskaya a “fascist”, saying she eats children and killed her parents to escape from besieged Mariupol under the guise of their relative.

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