Эстонский кокаин

Customs control of the Estonian port of Muuga, together with the police of the Netherlands and Interpol, detained a cargo of cocaine worth half a billion Euros. The cargo was intended for delivery to Russia.

In one of the containers with a cargo of bananas from Ecuador, 72 black bags were found. Analysis showed the presence of cocaine in them.

Recall that this is not the first case when cocaine is delivered to Russia in large quantities.

In 2016, the Argentine police found about 400 kg of cocaine intended for shipment to Russia at a school on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The piquancy of the situation with Argentine cocaine was that the cocaine was delivered by planes of the Rossiya air squadron, which is engaged in the transportation of senior officials of the Russian Federation.

To whom the Estonian cocaine should be delivered will be established by the investigation, but such a large volume of drugs could not be sent without the intervention of officials of Russia and Ecuador.


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