Vladimir Putin loves his armored train and often uses it. The journalists of the ‘Dossier’ managed to obtain a detailed description of Putin’s armored train.

In total, Putin’s armored train has 20 wagons, but usually 2 times less is used – 8-10 wagons. The armored train includes a wagon equipped with a hammam, a massage room, three restaurants, a personal office of the president, a garage, luxury wagons for relaxation.

The cars are only partially protected by armor, and the armor itself is of the Br-4 class, which, of course, protects against 7.62 caliber bullets, but not from explosions or shots from weapons of a larger caliber.

Some of the cars were built and equipped back in the 80s, special communications cause a lot of complaints from the FSO employees.

Especially for Putin’s armored train, a railway station was built in Moscow and several special stations in Sochi and near Putin’s residences in Novo-Ogaryovo and Valdai.


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