Джо Байден в Польше

At the last meeting of the heads of military departments of 40 countries in Ramstein , issues of arms supplies to Ukraine were discussed and these issues were resolved positively.

The meeting was attended by representatives of NATO, as well as countries supporting Ukraine including South Korea, Japan and Israel.

Ukraine will receive heavy weapons. The United States will provide Ukraine with self-propelled howitzers, Germany with Leopard 1 tanks and Cheetah anti-aircraft guns, and other countries will allocate Soviet weapons to Ukraine from strategic reserves.

Also in the United States, the Lend-Lease program for Ukraine has been launched, during which the US military industry will put on the stream the production of weapons, food, medicines and equipment only for shipment to Ukraine.

These measures could pose a serious threat to Russian troops in Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has already sent a note of protest to the United States in connection with Biden’s statements and the implementation of these programs.


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