Фейковая медаль За взятие Крыма

The medal and the certificate for the medal ‘For the Capture of Crimea’, allegedly found in occupied Kherson, turned out to be a gross forgery.

Users of social networks noticed that the case and certificate to the medal are very different from the standards adopted in Ukraine.

In addition, in the certificate itself there are gross errors inherent only in Russian-speaking: so the patronymic of President Zelensky in Ukrainian is written not through “A”, but through “O” – Volodymyr Oleksandrovich Zelensky.

In this certificate, the medal should be written this way.

In addition, the certificates for the awards of Ukraine have a color design with elements of protection, and on the case for awards there are no inscriptions on the inside of the lid.

The “Medal for the Capture of Crimea” itself is a rather primitive heraldic forgery under the state awards of Ukraine.

State awards of Ukraine

Photos of the fake medal ‘For the Capture of Crimea’ were published by the Telegram channel ‘Opervodki’, later this news was reprinted by the Russian pro-government media.


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