Боевые геи Украины

Russian propagandists are seriously discussing the headquarters of Ukrainian gay and lesbian combatants allegedly found in the captured Mariupol.

In one of the houses on Metropolitan Street, we found, there was such a two-story house, and in Ukrainian times, when there was still Ukraine and there were nationals, an organization of non-traditional orientations was based there – gays and lesbians, well, and everything else that can be attributed here. It was directly funded by the American public organization USAID. On this house there is a sign with a full indication. If you pay attention, read the history of that organization, we will see that it is almost under the direct patronage of the President of the United States and the US Congress.

Such a journalistic finding caused bewilderment and ridicule on social networks. Distrust of the Russian propaganda machine is growing by the day. More and more Russian citizens refuse to trust TV because the number of fakes exceeds reasonable limits.


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