Surovikin arrested

Rumors about the arrest of General Surovikin are spreading on social networks. Is it really?

General Surovikin, ‘master of difficult decisions‘, has been close to Yevgeny Prigozhin since the military conflict in Syria.

Prigogine called Surovikin one of the trustworthy generals. According to The Moscow Times, citing anonymous sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense, no one has seen Surovikin lately and investigations are underway against him.

This really seems to be true, given the closeness of Surovikin to Prigogine.

At the same time, Surovikin condemned the Wagner PMC rebellion, holding the Vintorez submachine gun on his knees for greater persuasiveness.

Surovikin condemns the rebellion of PMC Wagner

Given the fact that the United States announced that intelligence knew in great detail the details of the rebellion, this gave rise to many conspiracy theories and conjectures regarding the ultimate goal of the rebels.

Some journalists believe that traces of the rebellion lead to the top military leadership of Russia.

Whether this is really so, we will find out in the near future, when the investigation determines the status of each participant in the rebellion.

UPD: Surovikin’s daughter Veronika told the Russian media that everything was fine with her father. The general is at his workplace.


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