Leopard tank drowned in a swamp

A Russian serviceman told RIA Novosti an amazing story: a sabotage group captured a Ukrainian Leopard tank and sank it in a swamp.

According to an officer with the call sign ‘Sokol’, a Russian RSG captured a ‘Leopard’ tank near Kherson, but could not get it out. As the commander of the RSG with the call sign ‘Bull’ told him, the scouts had to drown the captured tank:

The sabotage detachment captured the Leopard tank and now they couldn’t drag it to the rear, they took it and drowned it in a swamp. This fact is already there.

On social networks, they openly laugh at Russian propaganda. In January of this year, the Russian Ministry of Defense spoke about the destruction of the ‘Bradley’ infantry fighting vehicles delivered from the United States, although these vehicles had not yet arrived in Ukraine.

Among the military archaeologists of Russia there is a meme ‘Tank in the swamp’. ‘A tank in a swamp’ is a story told to military archaeologists by local residents that is repeated many times in different places where the fighting took place during the Second World War.
The meaning of the story is as follows: during the fighting in 1941-1944, a tank sank in a local swamp.
Only two models of sunken tanks are always named – this is either the German Tiger tank or the Soviet T-34. Of course, there are no tanks in the swamp, but this bike is repeated from generation to generation.

The story about a tank drowned in a swamp is nothing more than an army bike, but the Russian media decided to repeat it at a higher level than the oral stories of villagers.


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