During his last meeting with Representatives of Russian airlines, female pilots and flight attendants, Putin sat at an empty table.

First, the president gave out a teapot in which the empty chairs around the president treacherously reflected.

Putin speaks with empty chairs in the hall

When you enlarge the image, you can see that empty chairs are reflected in the kettle.

Then one of the users noticed that Putin’s hand passed freely through the installed microphone. This can be seen in the video.

But that’s not all in this strange message from President Putin.

Users of social networks discovered that a woman sitting next to Putin, allegedly an employee of the airline, was seen earlier in meetings with the president.

In one video, she portrayed an ice cream saleswoman, in another she is in a group of fishermen and now she is a flight attendant.

Taking into account the fact that recently Putin has not allowed anyone closer than 10-15 meters to him, these finds have caused ridicule and mockery of Putin.


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