The Russian Orthodox Church proposed to introduce the teaching of the Church Slavonic language in schools

Bishop Evfimy of Lukhovitsky believes that teaching children the Church Slavonic language contributed to the implementation of the course towards the preservation of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values:

In addition to prohibitive measures, which, as you know, are not the most effective, it would be important to use some measures to support the development of the Russian language, including the Church Slavonic language as an integral part of the Russian language. And in this regard, in my opinion, it would be very important to raise the issue of teaching Church Slavonic in elementary and secondary schools. In my opinion, such a measure would be very timely and expedient.

However, Church Slavonic is not spoken in Russia, and it is not applicable in everyday life. There are a lot of jokes on social networks about this topic:

How do you say “update the firmware on a laptop” in Church Slavonic?

Since there are no translators from Russian to Church Slavonic, social media users have suggested using artificial intelligence for this purpose.

Such nonsense from representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church periodically appears in the Russian media. So recently, Metropolitan Hilarion proposed to ban sex shops in Russia.


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