Valery Zaluzhny did not appear in public for almost 4 weeks and this caused a lot of gossip and entire conspiracy theories.

And when the hysteria of the Russian media reached its climax, the Ukrainian channels in Telegram published a video with Zaluzhny.

The piquancy of the situation is added by the fact that the Wagner group announced that they had launched an artillery strike on the command headquarters where, in their opinion, Zaluzhny was located.

Following this, the Russian media began to publish reports that Zaluzhny was seriously wounded, and the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ilya Kiva, even stated that Zaluzhny had been killed on Zelensky’s orders.

It got to the point that Sergey Naryshkin, Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, commented on reports of Zaluzhny’s injury, although he pointed out that the sources were unreliable:

Of course, we receive information. But I can’t guarantee that this information is 100% correct. I may disappoint you, but I am unlikely to tell you something that is beyond your knowledge. I don’t think this topic should be given any special attention.

At the same time, no one was embarrassed that on May 19, Zaluzhny spoke at the opening of the International Conference on the Day of Science at the National University of the Odessa Law Academy via video link.

And when the pro-government media and Russian channels in Telegram unanimously published information about the injury of Zaluzhny, he himself appeared on the air, thereby exposing Russian fakes.

This is not the first case of its kind when the Russian propaganda media publish information that they themselves later have to refute.

Moreover, even pro-government Russian bloggers began to pay attention to this fact:

Well, as it turned out, it is generally so in absentia and should have been assumed by everyone who has a sober approach to assessing the information that has appeared. But if, in addition to the X and Y chromosomes, science also discovered the Z chromosome in a person, then after six months of stagnation of the disease, you can begin to believe in absolutely any information that is not supported by any facts and watch the briefings of the RF Ministry of Defense with a serious face.

So it was in the story with the Wagner group in Syria, so it was with publications about the death of the cruiser ‘Moskva’.


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