Христианская реликвия не сработала на крейсере Москва

The cruiser Moskva, sunk by the Ukrainians, had not only physical protection from missiles, but also spiritual protection. For some reason, spiritual protection didn’t work either.

In addition to three air defense systems and powerful anti-submarine protection on the cruiser “Moskva” there was a Christian relic, recognized to protect the cruiser.

According to journalist Alexander Nevzorov on the cruiser there was a sliver from the alleged cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. Nevzorov claims that the relic was bought for $ 40 million and transferred to the cruiser.

The Christian relic – a particle of the Cross of the Lord – will be stored on the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet – the missile cruiser “Moskva”. This is a piece of wood measuring only a few millimeters. It is located inside a metal cross of the XIX century, and that, in turn, is stored in a special ark.

But the sliver did not work, the cruiser “Moskva” was hit by missiles “Neptune” MLRS of Ukraine.

According to media reports, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will verify the authenticity of the purchase of the miraculous sliver and establish the reasons why such a powerful Christian relic was useless against Neptune missiles.


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