Wagner We will destroy everything around

25,000 Wagner mercenaries go to Moscow to avenge their murdered comrades to the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Putin fled to the bunker.

The ‘March of Justice’ announced by PMC ‘Wagner’ is gaining momentum. The Wagner group has captured the headquarters of the Southern Military District in Rostov, and the columns of mercenaries are moving towards Moscow.

Wagner in Rostov
Wagner in Rostov
Wagner's advance towards Moscow
Wagner’s advance towards Moscow

The Russian authorities announced unprecedented security measures, roads leading to Moscow are blocked, checkpoints are set up on the roads.

The air attack of the troops of the Ministry of Defense on the ‘Wagner’ columns failed, at least 3 helicopters and 1 military aircraft were shot down.

Part of the military goes over to the side of the rebels with the loyal attitude of the police and the National Guard.

At the same time, the Chechen battalion ‘Akhmat’ advanced towards Rostov.

Ordinary people are generally positive about the rebels, Putin has nothing to oppose to the well-trained Wagner fighters.

Probably the situation will be resolved in the next 2-3 days.


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