Семьи погибших в Украине не получат компенсации

Putin said that the families of those killed during the “special operation” on the territory of Ukraine will receive 7.4 million rubles. But in fact, not all loved ones will receive this money.

According to some reports, the death of a soldier who died during hostilities on the territory of Ukraine should be witnessed by at least two colleagues of the deceased.

This is extremely difficult, as in most cases the entire unit dies and there are no witnesses to the death.

Restrictions on compensation for the death of the dead appeared after Russia suffered heavy losses during the invasion of Ukraine. According to the assurances of the Ukrainian side, about 20,000 Russian servicemen have already died during the war.

Even if the number of deaths is reduced by 2 times, since it is not possible to verify the real number of losses of the Russian army, the amount of compensation will be 740 million rubles ($ 89,000,000), which of course will cause great damage to the Russian economy.

To avoid financial losses of the budget, the Russian authorities put additional legal obstacles to the families of the deceased servicemen who are entitled to compensation.

At the end of WW2, Joseph Stalin spoke of 7,000,000 dead servicemen. These were the dead for whom a pension was supposed to be paid to relatives on the loss of the breadwinner.
As for the rest, the 20-40 million families who died for them received nothing.
Every year on the territory of Russia, volunteer search teams raise hundreds of remains of the bodies of dead soldiers from the ground during WW2.
These are the people whose deaths have not been officially recorded. Right now, exactly the same thing is happening.
Families will not be paid compensation unless the death of a soldier in combat is officially confirmed.


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